Other Members

Gold leafing services to artists, museums, and private collectors
Phone: 317 566 8216
Email: http://www.angelicasgoldleaf.com/
Custom ceramic design and fabrication company
Phone: (760) 484 0064
Email: http://www.2ids.com/index.html
Furniture and products designer
Phone: 270 873 9901
Email: http://www.cosmobarbaro.com/index.html
Interiors furnishings purchasing agent
Phone: 310.461.1060
Email: http://www.associatespurchasing.com/index.html
Commercial Real Estate services firm
Phone: (213) 955-5100
Email: http://www.cushwake.com/cwglobal/jsp/globalHomeSSO.jsp
Hospitality FF& E purchasing
Phone: 303.530.3885
Email: http://www.benjaminwest.com/
Interior Design & Architectural renderings firm
Phone: 578-2116219
Email: http://www.china-lszn.com
Hospitality contracting, purchasing, and design services
Phone: 770.446.2677
Email: http://carverassoc.com/carver/
Glass Artisan
Phone: 215-483-4628
Email: http://www.bernardkatzglass.com/index.html
Architectural Photographer
Phone: 416.465.2426
Email: http://www.aframestudio.ca/