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Caracture and thematic subject matter guide this young artist's interpretations of art and culture.  Bold use of color and stylization are the guiding principals of her work.  Asha explores her subject matter with humor and respect, capturing moments of passion and humility.

See her work at: Gallery of Art by Asha

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Heuvelmans Interiors is a manufacturer of gilded casting reproductions for discriminating customers worldwide.  Manufacturing traditional quality products since 1980, with authentic European techniques and craftsmanship.

Phone: +32495221471

Collaborative group of artisans and artists who live and produce work in Great Britain

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SF Metalworks / Pewter by Design manufactures and installs hand made pewter countertops and ornamental metalwork.

Phone: 415.206.9100

Hunt Studios produces fine handcrafted Architectural sculpture in stone, metal and cast materials.

Phone: 415 401 7745
Gold leafing services to artists, museums, and private collectors
Phone: 317 566 8216

Decorative mosaic tiles design and manufacture

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Custom ceramic design and fabrication company
Phone: (760) 484 0064
Furniture and products designer
Phone: 270 873 9901
Interiors furnishings purchasing agent
Phone: 310.461.1060