Wholesale Distributor

Supplier of decorative veneers for the bespoke fine furniture industry; fine luxury automobiles, jets, & yachts; and for the architectural millwork industry

Phone: 44 1525 217777
Email: http://www.veneeruk.com/
Wholesale supplier and manufacturer of acoustical panel products
Phone: 888-765-2900
Email: http://www.acousticsfirst.com/index.htm
Wholesale catalog and distributor of European Antique and Reproduction furniture and accessories
Phone: (877) 698-1005
Email: http://www.rencollection.com/index.php
Creation Baumann designs, produces and sells high quality interior decoration fabrics worldwide
Phone: +41 62 919 62 62
Email: http://www.creationbaumann.com/company_en.html
Decorative wall coverings on adhesive vinyl canvas
Phone: 888-960-5554
Email: http://www.casartcoverings.com/
Furniture and interior furnishings showroom
Phone: 310.385.7872
Email: http://www.graye-la.com/flashindex.php
Commercial office furniture dealer
Phone: 801.363.5881
Email: http://www.hbdg.com/index.html
Wholesale distributor of Architectural and Casework products
Phone: 800-367-8505
Email: http://www.cpsgarten.com/
Textiles and custom fabric design & contracting services
Phone: 212 292 3200
Email: http://www.pkcontract.com/index.aspx
Wholesale distributer of decorative wallcoverings for Interior Design projects
Phone: 800-621-4006
Email: http://www.mdcwall.com/default.aspx