Organic Urban Structure for Seville, Spain

A massive wooded structure, named the Metropol Parasol , has been designed and constructed in Seville, Spain. The structure, designed by the Architectural firm of Jürgen Mayer H., Berlin, is the centerpiece of a redevelopment of a city plaza.  It houses an Archeological Museum and serves to protect Roman ruins.

Constructed primarily of wooden elements, these organic "mushroom" shapes challanged the Architect and Construction firms to computer generate all of the unique components and find assembly means to tie the stucture into a cohesive unit.  Because of severe seasonal temperature changes, the challange was to design a structure that would allow for expansion and contraction.

The construction of Metropol Parasol cost 90 million euros (around 130 million dollars). 

Jürgen Mayer H. is a Berlin Architectural firm experienced in creating urban environments and interiors.  

Projects, designed by his firm, incorporate organic themes into Architectural structures and design elements. 

Jurgen Mayer H

Uban Peek article about Metropol Parasol article by Morey Bean, AIA