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The following Terms of Use govern the use of the Source-Book.com services and Website. By using, visiting, or browsing this site, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Use of this Website: This Website is created and maintained for the benefit of:

  • Persons (Users) visiting this site for the purposes of browsing its contents and obtaining current information about the companies and individuals listed
  • Companies who wish to promote their products and services

Description of Terms Used:

  • “Member” – a company who pays an annual fee to post a profile and contribute promotional features.
  • “Subscriber” – an individual who pays an annual fee to have permission to access private areas of Website.
  • “Profile” – an in-depth summary of information about a Member’s company, product, or services; Community Project; or individual.
  • “Feature” – a promotion about a Member Company; a Community Project; a Product; Community News; Community Events; etc.
  • “Users” – any visitor to the Website for the purposes of browsing the publically accessible areas; or Subscribers who visit the private areas of the site for the purposes of obtaining information.

Terms of Subscription: The purpose of this Website is to provide an invaluable resource guide to members of the Professional Interiors Design and Manufacturing Communities. By agreeing to become an active subscriber to this Website, you will have unlimited access to the information resources and special features available on this Website. To maintain your active subscription, you will be required to pay an annual fee. While your fees are current, the exclusive information available within the private areas of our Website will be completely accessible for your use. Terms of Membership: Private companies and individuals Members who wish to participate by posting Profiles in our directories will be required to make annual membership fees. While your fees are current, you will have the ability to be listed in our directories and special features. Should your fees become delinquent, Source-Book.com reserves the right to remove profiles and information, about yourselves and your companies, from our directories and special features. Members shall be asked to provide Profile information about the company or individuals. Members shall have the rights to exclude private and personal information, should they deem it necessary. Source-Book.com reserves the right to use its discretion to remove a Membership Profile, should a company:

  • Not periodically update and display current Profile information and images;
  • Display sub-standard quality images (see requirements for submitting images);
  • Display incorrect resolution images (see requirements for submitting images);
  • Post inappropriate, unreasonable, and sub-standard images of its products, projects, and other posted images;
  • Post inappropriate and unreasonable descriptions of its products, projects, and other posted information;
  • Post false and misleading statements about itself, any Member, any Subscriber, or any visitors to the Website.
  • Be delinquent in payment of fees for the current or for any subsequent annual period.

Source-Book.com shall periodically monitor Member Profiles, images, and other posted information provided by Members. Should an item be identified as inappropriate, unreasonable, or sub-standard, Source-Book.com shall contact the Member and provide a reasonable time to replace or remove these items. Should a member refuse to remove or replace these items, Source-Book.com reserves the right to remove this Member’s Profile, and all of the associated information, from the Website. Should a Member be terminated, for any of the reasons listed above, Source-Book.com reserves the right to deny a refund for any remaining annual fee or feature premiums. Members, upon the submission of information or images to Source-Book.com, implicitly acknowledge permission for the exclusive use of these submissions, without any copyright infringement. Upon the conclusion of annual membership, should a Member wish to withdraw participation in the website, the Member may request that all of the Member’s submissions be removed from the website pages. However, if these images and information are obtained by Source-Book.com from publically available sources or from submissions from other Members, Source-Book.com reserves the rights to continue the use of these images or information. Source-Book.com waives any responsibility for any User’s use or misuse of the information, images, or any other content contained on this Website. Change to Terms of Use: Source-Book.com reserves the right to make changes in these Terms of Use, at its discretion. Active Members and Subscribers shall be notified of any changes via email. Source-Book.com shall post these changes and display an announcement on the Website.