Privacy Policy respects your privacy! will:

  • Collect basic, non-personal, information such as your domain type, browser details, service provider, and IP address.
  • Use basic information to improve website content, collect statistical information about unique visits to website and member profile pages, and to advise members about popularity of segments, feature pages, and directory profiles.
  • Disclose to government legal agencies, when required by subpoena or other legal means, information about our membership for purposes of legal investigations.
  • Take every precaution to protect your personal data, using appropriate security measures.
  • Never pass on your personal and confidential profile information to other members, without your explicit approval. Information that is viewable in each member’s profiles is available only to subscribing members of this site. If there is information provided by you, which you deem as private, you will have the opportunity to restrict members from access to this information. Visitors to our website, prospective new members, or third party individuals and organizations will not have access to confidential profile information – without your explicit approval.
  • Share contact information with members who wish to establish contact and share information with other members.
  • Not share contact information with non-member individuals or companies.
  • Periodically send out emailed information about upcoming changes, added features, news and announcements, and notices of new directory members. is about providing timely information to its membership. Email provides the best way for you to become aware of news and information which you can use to your full advantage.
  • Give every Subscriber and Member the opportunity to “opt out” regarding the receipt of email correspondence.